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View photos from the Northeast Florida Regional Braille Challenge held at the Jacksonville Public Library on March 5, 2020
Girls shaking hands with inflatable T-Rex.Braille-Challenge-2020-2Braille-Challenge-2020-3Meliza holding her award.Braille-Challenge-2020-5Braille-Challenge-2020-6Niklas posing for photo.Khyree posing for photo.Braille-Challenge-2020-9Braille-Challenge-2020-10Danika posing for photo.Damian posing for photo.Braille-Challenge-2020-13Jasen holding a Target gift card.Braille-Challenge-2020-15Braille-Challenge-2020-16Braille-Challenge-2020-17Braille-Challenge-2020-18Whyatt posing for photo.Johnathan, Richard and Meliza holding their certificates at the front of the stage.